Gems: Hackmanite - Rhodochrosite

9.57 ct. Morganite with Tourmaline

9.57 ct. Morganite with Tourmaline

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  • Color:  Light Pink

  • Clarity:  Slightly to Moderately Included

  • Origin:  Brazil

  • Cut:  Triangular Cabochon

  • Treatments:  None

  • Measurements:  15.2 mm

This is a very unusual combination for an inclusion gem.  Tourmaline is often found as well formed crystalline inclusions in Quartz and a handful of other species, but is not common in Beryl.  This is the first time that we have seen it in the Morganite variety of Beryl - there is actually one quite large terminated crystal along with several other much thinner examples throughout the stone.  Great combination and really quite fascinating.

$10 / carat - $95 total