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16.71 ct. Sunsonte-Iolite Cabochon

16.71 ct. Sunsonte-Iolite Cabochon

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  • Color:  Dark Violet / Orange

  • Clarity:  Semi-Translucent

  • Origin:  India

  • Cut:  Pear Cabochon

  • Treatments:  None

  • Measurements:  28.1 x 12.5 mm

From deep in the safe comes this stone from a find that is close to 15 years old now.  Not the current production of African material where Iolite is simply included with Hematite platelets, this material is an actual intergrowth of Oligoclase Feldspar and Iolite.  What is fascinating is the separation of the two and the distinct border between them - rather perfectly a thin band of white.  Visually attractive and, from a gemological perspective, very interesting.

$12 / carat - $200 total