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1.14 ct. Faint Pink Burmese Spinel

1.14 ct. Faint Pink Burmese Spinel

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  • Color:  Faint Pink

  • Clarity:  Eye Clean

  • Origin:  Mogok, Burma

  • Cut:  Cushion Mixed

  • Treatments:  None

  • Measurements:  6 x 5.5 mm

Wonderfully light and bright, this completely loupe clean gem Spinel has a beguiling faint pink bodycolor.  The icy pink hue is just enough to give the stone a faint blush of color, an effect that is reminiscent of the natural light pink diamond.  Very nicely cut and with a fine Burmese pedigree, this is a one-off gem that we wish wasn't!

$100 / carat - $114 total