Gems: Hackmanite - Rhodochrosite

12.12 ct. Peruvian Blue-Green Opal

12.12 ct. Peruvian Blue-Green Opal

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  • Color:  Medium Blue-Green
  • Clarity:  Translucent
  • Origin:  Peru
  • Cut:  Custom Cushion
  • Treatments:  None
  • Measurements:  18.5 x 15 mm

It is always exciting to be able to offer what must be among the finest examples of a particular gem variety.  We have, of course, offered these wonderfully bright bright-green opals from Peru in the past.  The color is quite distinct and attractive - only the occasional Smithsonite or Chrysocolla can have a comparable hue.  The striking difference with stones we have had in the past is the present gem's immense size.  We typically comment how sizes above 1 1/2 carats tended to be quite scarce.  Gemmy and translucent throughout, this one simply couldn't be better.

Moreover, in addition to the intrinsic rarity of the material, this gem has been given a spectacular custom cut by one of the very best facetors we have ever offered.  The same gentleman has cut some exceptional Barites and Sphalerites for us in the past.  The polish and luster is superb, as are the proportions and angles.  A gem that simply dazzles.  With full GIA Identification Report.

$125 / carat - $1515 total