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1.02 ct. Pallasite Meteorite Peridot

1.02 ct. Pallasite Meteorite Peridot

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  • Color:  Medium Dark Yellowish-Green
  • Clarity:  Eye Clean
  • Origin:  Space, via Jepara, Indonesia
  • Cut:  Oval Portuguese
  • Treatments:  None
  • Measurements:  6.6 x 5.2mm

It is not without some irony that what is likely the single rarest gem material on the planet did not originate here.  Iron meteorites (pallasites) are sometimes peppered with pockets of the mineral Olivine - the species that gives us gem Peridot here on earth.  These are sometimes thinly sliced for dramatic effect - see this example.  As you may suspect, these olivine crystals have endured an incredible strain, from their origin in space to the enormous heat and pressure of their fall the earth.  Only on exceptional occasions are there any intact, unfractured gemmy areas that could be used to cut a stone - a faceted pallisite olivine; meteroite Peridot as it where.  Stones have been faceted from a number of different meteorite 'falls' - Admire in Kansas, Brahin in Russia and Jepara in Indonesia among these.  This is a Jepara stone and is nothing short of museum grade - a magnificent stone that crosses the one-carat barrier in a gem material where that is nothing short of miraculous.  

An exceptional rarity and the very largest stone we have been able to offer to date, this is a flawless and exceptional piece with a full lab certificate confirming the origin.  The clarity and cutting are remarkable - given the per carat price that these achieve every single point of weight is precious.  As such, asymmetries and poor polish are the norm - not at all the case here, this is a precision job in all regards.  Gorgeous and well beyond one in a million.

$3850 / carat - $3927 total