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2.53 ct. Russian Dematoid

2.53 ct. Russian Dematoid

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  • Color:  Medium Dark Very Slightly Yellowish-Green
  • Clarity:  Eye Clean
  • Origin:  Russia
  • Cut:  Oval Brilliant
  • Treatments:  Potential Heat
  • Measurements:  9.8 x 7 mm

For size, color and sheer precision of cut, this is among the finest Demantoids that we have been able to offer.  The hue is a bright and saturated green-primary with no brownish modifiers at all.  The cutting is flawless, an absolute precision job done by a cutter very familiar with this material.  It is flashy and dispersive in all lighting and just looks fantastic - the stone has just the 'right' number of horsetail inclusions; that is, they are present and visible, particularly with magnification, but are not so numerous as to detract from the brilliance of the material. 

All of that before mentioning the weight - a 2 1/2 carat Demantoid of this quality has never been anything to scoff at.  One of the most requested and admired of all colored stones and an example that is guaranteed to please.  With AGL Demantoid Brief.  Gorgeous!

$2500 / carat - $6325 total