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0.87 ct. Russian Demantoid with Horsetail Inclusion

0.87 ct. Russian Demantoid with Horsetail Inclusion

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  • Color:  Medium Dark Very Slightly Yellowish-Green
  • Clarity:  Slightly Included
  • Origin:  RussiaCut:  Round Brilliant
  • Treatments:  Potential Heat
  • Measurements:  5.7 mm

Just about everyone is aware of the storied 'horsetail' inclusions that are both common and very diagnostic to Russian Demantoid Garnets; they are in many ways the classic inclusion in all of gemology.  While recently looking over some very fine color Demantoids (a very rich green with minimal yellow) we were greeted with almost unbelievably fine example of a horsetail.  Perfctly featured under the table of the gem is a stunning horsetail swirling around its origin of a tiny chromite crystal.  We can't convey how difficult it is to find stones in which these are so well presented - it is an almost comet like appearance within the stone. 

You have the added benefit of fine Russian cutting - a precision round brilliant - as well.  With all things considered, simply the best we have seen in any size and irreplaceable.  With an AGL cert stating the gem is natural Demantoid.

$2250 / carat - $1957 total