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3.31 ct. Tajik Clinohumite

3.31 ct. Tajik Clinohumite

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  • Color: Medium Dark Very Slightly Reddish-Orange

  • Clarity: Eye Clean to Slightly Included

  • Origin: Pamir Mtns, Tajikistan

  • Cut: Custom Cushion

  • Treatments: None

  • Measurements: 9 x 8 mm

The recent history of this gem material is actually quite interesting.  After the initial gem quality finds were made there were efforts to make this an almost mainstream stone, its hardness and attractive color making it marketable.  Prices climbed as the efforts took on a vaguely Tanzanite-like air.  When it became clear that they supply was not stable enough for this - and that there was a real dearth of large, clean stones those efforts failed.  Add to that the appearance of fairly large quantities of Spessartite (same color, even more durable) and eventually Clinohumite returned to its natural home in the collector's market.  Now, it remains somewhat tainted by this 'failure', yet it remains that the gem has a great color and is capable of being quite beautiful.  The material is still scarce and very fine, custom cut stones are doubly so.  Compared with those early days, it remains somewhat of a buyers market, so we continue to look for fine examples.  This one is a lovely US cut stone is a fine size and with fantastic color - all the qualities these should have.  

$100 / carat - $331 total