Gems: Amethyst - Fluorite

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3.19 ct. Cat's Eye Cerussite

3.19 ct. Cat's Eye Cerussite

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  • Color:  Medium Yellow-Green
  • Clarity:  Translucent
  • Origin:  Unknown
  • Cut:  Oval Cabochon
  • Treatments:  None
  • Measurements:  6.4 x 4 mm

One of the 'rare stone' species that is capable of producing an excellent cat's eye.  This stone has the most unusual very light lime green color, we have never quite seen this before.  The eye is very strong and quite straight - it rolls nicely over the surface.  Likely a Namibian stone, this is an old collection piece and is certainly something that we are unlikely to find again.

$75 / carat - $239 total