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17.84 ct. Michigan Datolite Cabochon

17.84 ct. Michigan Datolite Cabochon

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  • Color: Various

  • Clarity: Opaque

  • Origin: Michigan

  • Cut: Freeform Cabochon

  • Treatments: None

  • Measurements: 23.3 x 17.9 x 7 mm

You may not initially suspect Datolite when looking at this stone, this unusual massive form of this mineral is not common and is quite unknown outside of a few dedicated collectors.  Typically Datolite is a completely transparent and colorless (even occasionally light green!) facetable gem.  On the shores of Michigan's Lake Superior are found nodules of Datolite that are remarkably unremarkable on the surface - when sliced and polished however these can come alive with superb color - oranges, reds, yellows, a nearly full spectrum is known. 

This lovely example features a large section of peachy-pink datolite together with some of the matrix material in the lower corner and a superb included vein of elemental copper running through the piece.  These are found in association with Copper deposits in Michigan's upper peninsula so Copper in not uncommon in association, but this certainly is one of the most attractive examples we have seen.

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