Gems: Amethyst - Fluorite

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1.56 ct. Colorado Blue Barite

1.56 ct. Colorado Blue Barite

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  • Color:  Medium Grayish Slightly Greenish-Blue
  • Clarity:  Eye Clean to Slightly Included
  • Origin:  Stoneham, Colorado
  • Cut:  Custom Cushion
  • Treatments:  None
  • Measurements:  8.2 x 4.3 mm

Stoneham, Colorado is quite well known as the locality for this very distinctive grayish-blue variety of gem Barite - one of the few localities in the world where blue stones are found.  Generally however, this material tends to be specimen grade and nice, gemmy facet rough is downright rare.  We have only had a few of these over the years and they are always of interest.  The cutting here deserves special mention as it is such a magnificent job for this difficult material - we rarely see these done this nice.  One tiny inclusion that is well hidden in the brilliance.  A truly scarce variety.  

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