Gems: Amethyst - Fluorite

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13.13 ct. Arizona Cinnabar in Quartz

13.13 ct. Arizona Cinnabar in Quartz

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  • Color:  White / Medium Red
  • Clarity:  Opaque
  • Origin:  Arizona
  • Cut:  Freeform Cabochon
  • Treatments:  None
  • Measurements:  23.6 x 15.1mm

A one-off cabochon with a very unusual and aesthetic combination of mineral species.  The stark whiteness of the Quartz is permeated by vivid, essentially 'blood' red, areas of Cinnabar.  Nicely done and with a great presence, this is a fine size as well.  One of the few ways to enjoy Cinnabar as a gem material.

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