Gems: Amethyst - Fluorite

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10.54 ct. Eosphorite

10.54 ct. Eosphorite

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  • Color:  Medium Dark Orange
  • Clarity:  Moderately to Heavily Included
  • Origin:  Brazil
  • Cut:  Cushion Brilliant
  • Treatments:  None
  • Measurements:  11.9 mm

The largest stone we have ever offered this very difficult species.  We hardly exaggerate when we say that nearly every faceted Eosphorite we have seen has been heavily included and plagued by numerous fractures; once in a while a 'relatively' clean 1/4 ct stone will be found.  This stone remains quite included, but, for the species, it is extremely respectable.  That is to say, there are no major fractures or inclusions that are discolored and distracting.  In addition, there is the appeal of a 10+ ct. gem, not at all common for Eosphorite.  For the collector looking for the distinctive color, an attractive shape and a huge size - at an approachable cost no less - this is a stone worthy of consideration.

$45 / carat - $474 total