Gems: Amethyst - Fluorite

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1.01 ct. Brazilian Bicolor Apatite

1.01 ct. Brazilian Bicolor Apatite

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  • Color:  Colorless / Medium Blue
  • Clarity:  Slightly to Moderately Included
  • Origin:  Brazil
  • Cut:  Rectangular Step
  • Treatments:  None
  • Measurements:  8 x 4.3 mm

One of the most interesting color varieties that we saw in all of last year.  Apatite is not known for producing bicolor or even strongly zoned gems, colors are typically quite consistent.  This gem consists of completely colorless sections along with a distinct deep blue area.  Very unusual to say the least - and one of the very few that we saw available from a find in Brazil.

$80 / carat - $80 total