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0.31 ct. Red Beryl

0.31 ct. Red Beryl

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  • Color:  Medium Dark Slightly Purplish-Red
  • Clarity:  Slightly Included
  • Origin:  Wah Wah Mountains, Utah
  • Cut:  Navette
  • Treatments:  Clarity
  • Measurements:  5.4 x 3.9 mm

One of the great rare gem materials, and with a unique US locale to boot.  This exceptionally rare pure red variety of gem Beryl (also sometimes called Bixbite) comes only from the claims in the Wah Wah Mountains of Utah.  Access to gem rough from this area is fairly restricted, so prices tend to be very consistent on this material - we generally have to look quite some time to be able to find a nice piece to pass along at an approachable price. 

This is just such a stone; an excellent saturated red color, fine clarity and excellent cutting.  Color can be difficult to get right on these, only a very few gems seem to have that top, top color.  Additionally, these are often cut shallow to save weight - not at all the case here as the gem has a precision US cut with all the correct angles and depth.  As with the vast majority of these, this one has been oiled (just as Emerald is), to lessen the face-up impact of some of the veils.   

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