9.07 ct. Austrian Adularia Moonstone - The Gem Trader Rare Gems

9.07 ct. Austrian Adularia Moonstone

  • Color: Colorless

  • Clarity: Eye Clean

  • Origin: Ziller Valley, North Tyrol, Tyrol, Austria

  • Cut: Cushion Brilliant

  • Treatments: None

  • Measurements: 14.9 x 12 mm

A simply gorgeous gem example from one of the classic locales for this variety of Orthoclase.  The term itself describes the crystal shape of this variety that is found in Alpine clefts, particularly in this area of Austria.  Though specimens have been collected for centuries, faceted stones are actually very scarce, particularly in this size and quality.  We recently looked over a small parcel of gems cut from rough collected in the 1970's and selected this uncommonly fine gem - one of the largest we have offered. The billowy adularesence crosses across the surface of the stone in the most beguiling way- not broad flashes, but as distinct cloud like bands; a really lovely effect.  Absolutely clean and very bright, these are rare locale pieces. 

$75 / carat - $610 total