70.40 ct. Quartz with Quartz - The Gem Trader Rare Gems

70.40 ct. Malagasy Quartz with Quartz

  • Color: Colorless

  • Clarity: Moderately Included

  • Origin: Madagascar

  • Cut: Rectangular Step

  • Treatments: None

  • Measurements: 24.4 x 23.1 mm

A superb inclusion piece - Quartz with Quartz!  A large, completely colorless faceted Quartz with another crystal of Quartz piercing the pavilion and terminating just under the table.  Very aesthetic gem and what is even more attractive is the lovely iridescence caused by the contact of the two pieces - this is evident on all faces of the included crystal as you rotate the stone.  A stunning natural effect.  We do not see many of this quality. Priced at $2 per carat.

$140 total