5.33 ct. 'Pink Fire' Quartz

5.33 ct. 'Pink Fire' Quartz with Covellite

  • Color:  Colorless
  • Clarity:  Moderately Included
  • Origin:  Brazil
  • Cut:  Oval Rose Cut - Buff Top
  • Treatments:  None
  • Measurements:  12.1 x 9.4 mm

A very fine example of one of the most interesting Quartz inclusion gems found in the last several years.  From a very limited find in Brazil comes this Quartz with platelet-type inclusions of the mineral Covellite.  What is truly phenomenal about this particular combination is that while Covellite is metallic in transmitted light, it has a bright pink flash in reflected light - so, as you move the gem a strong pink flash moves across the surface.  A very unusual and attractive natural effect.  Not surprisingly, gems from this locality have been given the name of 'Pink Fire' Quartz - an apt trade name. 

This gem is quite well done and shows the effect extremely well - much of the find was nowhere near as nice as this example and even that has now essentially evaporated from the market.  The cut is interesting and doubly useful - it is a standard buff top oval from the angle we have shown but the stone could be set in reverse and would make a lovely rose cut oval.  

$45 / carat - $239 total