40.71 ct. Cuprite - The Gem Trader Rare Gems

40.71 ct. Namibian Cuprite

  • Color: Very Dark Red

  • Clarity: Slightly Included

  • Origin: Onganja, Namibia

  • Cut: Rectangular Step

  • Treatments: None

  • Measurements: 17.6 x 16 mm

We love being able to offer these amazing faceted Cuprites. The combination of metallic luster, an exceptionally high refractive index and one of the purest red bodycolors in the gem world help to give these stones a visual appearance like no other.  Take a look at the photos, the one in the middle showing the gem in reflected light to highlight this incredible luster. This huge stone is an older collection piece and is slightly included - which is n0t necessarily a bad thing as this helps to get some reflected light back out of the stone and results in a better red bodycolor. The cutting is excellent for such a difficult and soft material, one or two small pits showing on the pavilion and one on the girdle. Really a massive old stone at a price level where it is difficult to find even Cuprite rough these days!

$20 / carat - $814 total