3.43 ct. Mint Chrysoberyl - The Gem Trader Rare Gems

3.43 ct. Mint Chrysoberyl

  • Color: Medium Light Very Slightly Bluish-Green

  • Clarity: Eye Clean

  • Origin: Tanzania

  • Cut: Custom Triangle

  • Treatments: None

  • Measurements: 11 x 8.2 mm

An exceptional rarity, we are often asked to source these by clients.  True Vanadium Chrysoberyls are amazingly difficult to find in higher qualities - in the past we have found about one 1-carat gem to offer every two years.  As you may guess, they owe there unique and attractive color to traces of Vanadium, it is a distinct color and is avidly sought by gem enthusiasts - not unlike a fine 'cobalt' Spinel would be.  They are something like the minty Garnets from Merelani but differ in that the modifier here tends to be a very slight amount of blue, while the Merelani Garnets tend to have some element of yellow. 

Without question, this is one of the finest of these Vanadium Chrysoberyls that we have ever offered.  The color is superb - just the minty tone that the market wants.  Moreover, it is one of the finest cuts we have ever seen in this species, a pure precision job.  Then there is the magnificent size - the largest of these we have had.  1-carat stones are difficult enough, let alone a loupe clean 3 carat gem.  A magnificent and collector grade gem that comes along only infrequently.

$750 / carat - $2572 total