3.08 ct. Colorless Zircon Pair - The Gem Trader Rare Gems

3.08 ct TW Colorless Zircon Matched Pair

  • Color:  Colorless
  • Clarity:  Eye Clean
  • Origin:  Cambodia
  • Cut:  Round Brilliant
  • Treatments:  Heat
  • Measurements:  7 mm

For many years used as a natural diamond substitute, truly fine colorless Zircons are not particularly common. Firstly, many are used to produce the immensely popular blue stones and secondly, they often suffer from the traditional 'native' oval mixed cut that does not do the material justice. No issue here as the cutting is absolutely spot-on, a full round brilliant.  Not only this, but there is an important (and seldom used!) quality measure when looking at these which is a quick indicator of how well the cutting is done.  These should be cut so that their face-up direction is without the visible doubling often seen in Zircon - easily done if you take the time to orient the stone along the correct axis.  The result gives you a crisper appearance. A gorgeous set, loupe clean and calibrated.

$75 / carat - $231 total