2.76 ct. Tanzanian Moonstone by Tom Munsteiner - The Gem Trader Rare Gems

2.76 ct. Tanzanian Moonstone by Tom Munsteiner

  • Color:  White / Blue Adularescense 
  • Clarity:  Translucent
  • Origin:  Tanzania
  • Cut:  Custom Square
  • Treatments:  None
  • Measurements:  10 mm

If you are a site regular, then you know that we are a fan of the works of acclaimed gem artist Tom Munsteiner.  The stones that come out of his Idar-Oberstein workshop are sculptural works of gem art that highlight, but do not overshadow the materials that he works in.  Here we have an exceptional piece of Tanzanian Moonstone that combines the artistry of the carving with the phenomenal nature of the material.  Not only do you get the carving, but as you rotate the stone you get the added bonus of the blue adularescence of Moonstone.  Take a look at the photos above and you can see how a subtle shift in angle will change the entire look of the stone. 

A great looking stone and one that comes with a full, signed certificate from Atelier Munsteiner.  As we often say, these stones represent a great opportunity for collectors and those looking for investment pieces - unmounted Munsteiner stones are not readily available in the market and, once set, these take a significant jump in price.

$295 total