2.06 ct. Gray Spinel Matched Pair

2.06 ct. TW Gray Spinel Matched Pair

  • Color:  Medium Dark Gray
  • Clarity:  Eye Clean
  • Origin:  Burma
  • Cut:  Cushion Mixed
  • Treatments:  None
  • Measurements:  5 x 6.5 mm

A gorgeous matched pair that are very much 'on trend' in today's market.  In fact, only recently have we begun to see this color variety of Spinel with any regularity - right now, they are extremely popular.  The color is truly a pure gray - not a desaturated blue or brown; they are stark in how gray they actually are.  Perfectly clean and beautifully cut, they are a superb match.  It's rather enchanting how attractive these are - bright and very lustrous.

$80 / ct - $164 total