16.81 ct. Ontario Fluorite - The Gem Trader Rare Gems

16.81 ct. Madoc, Ontario Fluorite

  • Color: Medium Yellowish-Green

  • Clarity: Slightly Included

  • Origin: Madoc, Ontario, Canada

  • Cut: Rectangular Radiant

  • Treatments: None

  • Measurements: 18.3 x 11.3 mm

One of the very few times we have seen faceted Fluorite from this well known Canadian collecting locality.  The roadcut on Highway 7 near Madoc has produced some fine and attractive specimens and the colors are certainly unusual - from colorless to bluish-purple to this lovely chartreuse shade. This is actually something of a bi-color gem as one end is actually colorless; the cutting style blends these and you really wouldn’t notice without rotating the stone in-hand. Outstanding size for these, they are usually much smaller - great precision cut and a superb polish for Fluorite as well. Great stone for the Canadian collector.     

$20 / carat - $336 total