1.68 ct. Star Ruby - The Gem Trader Rare Gems

1.68 ct. Sri Lankan Star Ruby

  • Color: Medium Dark Red

  • Clarity: Transparent

  • Origin: Sri Lanka

  • Cut: Oval Cabochon

  • Treatments: None

  • Measurements: 5.8 x 6.3 mm

An elegant and attractive gem with a very good star and nice shape.  The color is excellent, very much in the top tier for Sri Lankan stars. The eye is strong and nicely mobile with just the tiniest weakness on one ray. A very nice and approachable size, the some is nicely transparent, setting it apart from the milky commercial grade one often encounters.  Slightly uneven on the base (still far better than most!) so a bezel setting would be best here.  Very well priced for the quality.

$350 / carat - $588 total