1.61 ct. Arizona Chrome Pyrope - The Gem Trader Rare Gems

1.61 ct. Arizona Chrome Pyrope

  • Color: Dark Red

  • Clarity: Eye Clean

  • Origin: Arizona

  • Cut: Cushion

  • Treatments: None

  • Measurements: 8.3 x 6 mm

These famous 'anthill' Garnets are exceptionally difficult to source in sizes over 1 1/2 carats - in fact, the one-carat mark is the typical benchmark for hugely increased rarity in these.  The color is really amazing - a dark, but very pure and mesmerizing red that gets its intensity from chromium.  Make no mistake, this is a deeply colored stone, but connoisseurs of Garnet will no doubt recognize how rare the size is here - there are a very limited number of stones found each year that are this large.  That said, clarity can also be an issue as these are sometimes filled with dense needles - not the case with this stone.  Great cutting as well; simply one of the best and largest examples of this US variety we have ever offered.

$180 / carat - $289 total