1.49 ct. Montana Sapphire - The Gem Trader Rare Gems

1.49 ct. Montana Sapphire

  • Color: Medium Dark Very Slightly Greenish-Blue

  • Clarity: Slightly Included

  • Origin: Missouri River, Montana

  • Cut: Round Brilliant

  • Treatments: Heat

  • Measurements: 6.8 mm

Simply stated, one of the best colors you can hope for in (non-Yogo) Montana Sapphire. The color is a strong and bright blue with just a tinge of that classic ‘denim’ tone - just enough to make the color distinctly Montana without being grey in the slightest. With a touch of the usual color zoning (see second photo) but the cutting alleviates this and it is not visible face-up at all. A fine, larger round with a superb cut as well, this is one of the best Missouri River stones that we have had. Beautiful in all regards.

$375 / carat - $558 total