3.46ct. RL Moonstone

3.46 ct. Australian Rainbow Lattice Moonstone

  • Color:  White / Inclusions
  • Clarity:  Translucent
  • Origin:  Harts Range, Australia
  • Cut:  Pear Cabochon
  • Treatments:  None
  • Measurements:  12.5 x 9 mm

One of the most outstanding newer materials that we have seen in recent years.  Not only are these inclusion stones of the highest order - the geometric patterns form by the hematite are both dramatic and beautifully contrasted.  But, what really sets this material apart though is that the gem being included in orthoclase feldspar - that is to say, 'Moonstone' with its full adularescent qualities intact.  So you have this great looking piece that can surprise when rotated - the billowy effect of Moonstone flashing across the surface.  So great, we wish these were more readily available, but they are very hard to source - particularly in sizes over 3 carats.  This is absolute top quality for the material, totally free from any fractures or visible cleavage.  This one is a stunner!

$75 / carat - $259 total