10.17 ct. Orissa Iolite - The Gem Trader Rare Gems

10.17 ct. Orissa Iolite

  • Color: Medium Dark Bluish-Violet

  • Clarity: Eye Clean

  • Origin: Orissa, India

  • Cut: Oval Brilliant

  • Treatments: None

  • Measurements: 18 x 14 mm

Simply a magnificent example of the species. Orissa really has produced some of the finest Iolite in recent memory - not to say the some Malagasy stones aren’t spectacular, but still, these are very hard to beat. The color is top for Iolite from anywhere - that lovely bluish-violet that is so much less purple than Tanzanite. Moreover, clean Iolite in excess of 10 carats is rare from any locale, so all the better with this lovely color and orientation - there is absolutely no graying out of the color near the girdle. A superb example of a very underappreciated gem. Many times rarer than clean 10 carat Tanzanite.

$85 / carat - $864 total