0.31 ct. Pallasite Peridot

Color:  Medium Dark Yellowish-Green Clarity:  Slightly Included
Origin:  Space, via Lyon Co., Kansas Cut:  Round Brilliant
Treatments:  None Measurements:  4.1mm

It is not without some irony that what is likely the single rarest gem material on the planet did not originate here.  Iron meteorites (pallasites) are sometimes peppered with pockets of the mineral Olivine - the species that gives us gem Peridot here on earth.  These are sometimes thinly sliced for dramatic effect - see this example.  As you may suspect, these olivine crystals have endured an incredible strain, from their origin in space to the enormous heat and pressure of their fall the earth.  Only on exceptional occasions are there any intact, unfractured gemmy areas.  One fall in particular, that of the Admire meteorite in Kansas, in noted for relatively fine sections of pallasite olivine.  From these it has been possible, on exceptionally rare occasions, to actually facet a piece of this material.  That is exactly what we are pleased to offer here, a faceted pallisite olivine - meteroite Peridot as it where. 

These gems are made absolutely unique by there highly unconventional inclusions - sometimes including iron from the surrounding metal of the meteorite.  This example has some out remarkably well - very clean, yet retaining the distinctive inclusions.  The gem is well faceted and quite bright - there is an exposed 'natural', or cavity, on the pavilion.  As you can imagine, every single point of weight is a precious, so this was done to give a gem that is, quite literally, huge for these.  The natural does not effect the girdle or the face of the gem at all - completely confined to the pavilion.  An extraordinary rarity to be sure.

$595 total