0.86 ct. Peridot with Ludwigite

Color:  Medium Dark Yellowish-Green Clarity:  Heavily Included
Origin:  Peridot Cut:  Trillion
Treatments:  None Measurements:  6.2 mm

Inclusion gems are hugely interesting and are a fascinating part of a gem collection.  Moreover, we see many more of these being incorporated into designer jewelry each and every year.  Quartz is by far the most common host gem material, considerably less common are some other gems, Peridot among them.  This fine little Pakistani Peridot is playing host to a full house of Ludwigite needles.  These are actually very aesthetically placed - while most are angled downward across the table, a small group rise directly up and through the table - a great look!  One of the very few of these we have seen with such discernable needles.

$50 total