1.03 ct. Tenebrescent Scapolite

Color:  Colorless / Medium Blue Clarity:  Eye Clean
Origin:  Pakistan Cut:  Oval Brilliant
Treatments:  None Measurements:  8.1 x 6.1 mm

A superb example of this very unusual gem material.  The find of this odd variety of Scapolite (tenebrescence was previously unknown in this species) occurred a number of years ago now and there has been no subsequent production of rough.  The deepest blue is best achieved with a shortwave UV lamp at very close range - remove the light and the ambient light will then quickly fade the stone back to colorless.  This can be sped up by shining a little direct light on the gem - we did this and the two photos above were taken no more than 30 seconds apart! 

The strength of the change in this stone is excellent - the find produced a range of stone from those that had almost no change at all, to small few that reached a pure medium blue.  Moreover, the quality is excellent and very fine truly clean gems where to be had over a carat in weight.  An unusual rarity from an apparent one-time find.

$275 / carat - $283 total