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1.68 ct. Obisidian Cat's Eye

Color:  Dark Brown Clarity:  Transparent
Origin:  California Cut:  Oval Cabochon
Treatments:  None Measurements:  9.1 x 5.9mm

There is a great deal of Obsidian in the market, some of which has some interesting optical effects.  Perhaps you have seen the iridescent 'rainbow' Obsidian that is used for cabs, carvings and makes for a reasonable ornamental stone.  Additionally, there is some Obsidian that is fully transparent and can be faceted - we see this from time to time as well.  What we had not seen prior to this example is a well done example of a respectable Obsidian cat's eye.  This is certainly the very gemmy variety of the material - the stone is extremely transparent and the eye is not simply a focused sheen of some sort.   There are some thin tubular inclusions that are the source of the eye; it rolls nicely and is sufficiently sharp - certainly the best quality we have heard of in Obsidian.  Surely one for the collector of unusual chatoyant gems.  From an older collection with a locality labeled simply as 'California,' nothing more specific than that.

$70 / carat - $117 total