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8.53 ct. Color Change Tourmaline

Color:  Dark Green/Dark Brown-Red Clarity:  Eye Clean
Origin:  Tanzania Cut:  Oval Mixed
Treatments:  None Measurements:  14.6 x 11.6mm

One of the most unusual gem Tourmalines that we have encountered.  At first we had thought this gem to be an example of the so-called 'Usumbara' effect - see a description here.  However, the stone behaves much more like a standard color change gem, with the change solely dependent on the type of light used.  In daylight, the gem is very similar to a chrome Tourmaline, a vibrant and pure green.  Incandescent lighting brings out an unusual brown shade with strong reddish highlights.  The change is not at all difficult to induce and the photo shows is quite nicely.  We have seen stones like this on a couple of occasions, but they are usually smaller and overly dark.  This gem has a very acceptable tone and it will be easy to see the change.  Quite a piece!

$160 / carat - $1364 total