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0.83 ct. Nifontovite

Color:  Colorless Clarity:  Eye Clean
Origin:  Charcas, Mexico Cut:  Custom Oval
Treatments:  None Measurements:  6.9 x 5.1mm

A very limited find of gem grade Nifontovite (a rare borate mineral) in almost unheard of sizes was made in mid-2008.  The find was made in the same area known for producing gemmy colorless Danburite - Charcas, Mexico.  Prior to this the only Nifontovite specimens that were available were some very small crystals from Okayama Prefecture, Japan and only a few extremely small stones had ever been cut from this material.  We are quite pleased to be able to offer this lovely example of gem Nifontovite.  The stone is completely colorless, eye clean and extremely well cut.  There were precious few stones cut from this material and this is a superb example.  A bright and attractive rarity.

$495 total